Why "King of Clubs"

"King of Clubs" is part of "A special deck issued to all the sailors and soldiers who went to Iraq" as Sam said in the episode and it's why Lieutenant Brian Roth was kild.

NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 20 Season 1


The team investigates the murder of a Navy officer in conjunction with the LAPD per Hetty's request. The investigation leads them into the world of Hollywood's elite.

Episode Recap:

A man is seen having celebration at a local club and leaves with a very good-looking lady. Later, the same man is seen driving erratically and the car goes over a cliff. The man is Navy Midshipman Brian Roth and the car he was found in belongs to the daughter of a wealthy man. Hetty brings in Deeks to liaison between NCIS and the LAPD, which does not turn out so well. Deeks is not well liked with the LAPD. Kensi is able to g the team access to the crime scene.

They find the purse belonging to Aubrey Darva and are concerned for her safety. They immediately head to the home and find her father, Ben Darva returning home from a trip. He allows them to look around the home and Aubrey is not there. He explains that he relationship with his stepdaughter has been strained since her mother's death.

Eric has run Brian Roth and finds he was at the top of his at Annapolis and has a flawless service record. They listen to his last words and decipher it as "Club King". It was also reported that Brian had been shot prior to being in the accident. Eric is able to track Aubrey down using her cell phone and she is safe. She reports that Brian left in the middle of the night and she has not seen or heard from him since.

They decide that they need to go undercover at the BALM nightclub to investigate the club king. Deeks explains hat he can get in and bring Kensi in with him, no problem. But Callen is going to need a solid cover and will need to look like he is a high roller. The team convinces Deeks to ask Hetty for the funds. He heads to Hetty's office and begins explaining the need for the money and Hetty replies, "That's an uncharacteristic formal speech, you must be asking for a lot of money". Hetty authorizes $50,000 limit for the credit card in Callen's alias of Ivan Kolvak. She explains to Deeks that she will take anything over five thousand out of his hide. Callen confronts Hetty about Deeks, stating he is aware that she is grooming him to be an agent.

Eric reports that several of Aubrey's friends/acquaintances have had break-ins in there homes latterly. He also notes a connection between the break-ins and the club. Kensi goes undercover as Fern and Deeks as Tim. Once inside the club, Eric tells Callen that they ran a program checking out his credit, finances, address etc. The club owner, Sapphire greets Callen and offers him the company of a few of her ladies. Callen and Deeks discuss the spending limit that Hetty has placed on the card. Callen is surprised to find out that Deeks is on the hook after only five thousand and then orders to more bottles of $1000 champagne.

Aubrey and Fern hit it off and they leave the club together. Aubrey heads home and Kensi goes along with her. They talk about Brian and Aubrey states he got up and went to the kitchen in the main house and that was the last time she saw him. Kensi heads to the main house and checks out the kitchen, which has a freshly painted wall. She begins looking around on the floor when someone enters. She takes out her earring and pretends to be looking for it. She finds it and stands up. Aubrey comes in and introduces Kensi to her "Uncle Steve" and they leave for Aubrey home away from the main house. Kensi asks Aubrey with she knows about "Uncle Steve" and then confesses she is not really Fern. Aubrey tells her that he has been around for most of her life. Kensi heads back up to the main house to investigate, telling Aubrey to stay put.

Eric has been monitoring Kensi and after running "Uncle Steve" they find out his real name is Hassad Al-Jahiri, a wanted member of Al-Qaeda. Sam then realizes that Brian wasn't saying club king, but king of clubs. He relates that all soldiers in Iraqi are issued Iraq War fugitive cards and Hassad is the king of clubs. They realize that Brain must have recognized him and was shot. Callen, Deeks and Sam race over to the Darva home to back up Kensi.

Hassad realize that Kensi is on to him and ties her up. Mr. Darva enters and objects, but Hassad tells him he is an accomplice and pushes him down on the couch. Ben tries to intervene and ends up being shot by Hassad. He is planning on killing Kensi when, Callen, Deeks and Sam bust into the home. Everyone is find and Aubrey & her stepfather, Ben begin working on repairing their relationship.

Eric is able to tie the break-ins to the Balm club. Sapphire had some friends that were breaking in to the customer's homes, while she the girls keeping the owner busy. Aubrey was apart of the scam, but ended backing out.

Deeks tells Kensi that he has been ordered into a deep cover assignment and is unsure how long he will be gone. He tells her, "Don't worry Fern, I'll be back". Callen heads to Hetty's office telling her to go easy on Deeks and that he knows she has been watching him for some time. Hetty tells him that there is value in being patient. Callen asks how long she was watching him and how he became a blip on her radar. Hetty is evasive but Callen suspects it was the operation in Jersey City.
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