• Must be fan of NCIS: Los Angeles Episode 20 Season 1, Fame, duh :D.
  • Please use a real name, or a reasonable nickname, numbers and weird symbols will be delated.
  • Name, email and country are required, you can choose whether or not to show the email on the list (which is anyway spam protected). I'm not going to give your info to anyone and I'm certainly not going to bother you with emails, once your received the approval email, you won't receive any other email from me.
  • If you have a website I will be more than happy to list it, but you must link this fanlisting on your site (before joining). You can find banners and codes here. If I check and don't find a code, or your site is not "kid appropriate", only your name will be listed (no url)
  • Do not direct link any images out of this site, it is illegal.
  • Please, if you don't have a website in English or Italian, write where you linked the fanlisting in the comment area.

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